Purlin Vac-U-Paint System Line (NEW Never Installed 2003)

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-Line speed 160 fl:./200 ft.min.


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-Line speed 160 fl:./200 ft.min.

·Max length part - 45ft

-Min. length part-6ft

-Maximum profiie - l 4 in.


1-ea-Vac-U-Paint VC2003 coater, 460 volt, 3 phase, 60 HZ, 40 HP blower with electrical panel, operator pedestal.

2- Coater entrance conveyor-55 ft powered roller conveyor with adjustable guides for part positioning, a pinch roll with safety features. Includes all necessary electrical and pneumatic controls for automated operation with manual override switch. This conveyor guides and powers the part through the above item #1 Coater.

3-Coater exit conveyor-50 ft. continuous slat conveyor with seven cam actuated 35 ft. oven / cool drag chain conveyors, mounted at 90 degrees. The slat conveyor brings the freshly painted parts out of the coater, where the seven chain conveyors pick-up the part and transfer it 90 degrees. This is where the oven is usually located.

4-Filter-Blower for Paint system.

5- Paint Reservoir

6- part profile templates sets, two pieces per set.



*Note – Vac-U-Paint does not manufacturer the oven.  It will be have to be purchased separetly from others.  It should circulate heated air (175 to 250 degrees F) over the surface of the parts.