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Quick Change Cassette Roof and Wall Rollformer

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Equipped With

Decoiler; 7,5 Kw inverter powered, acoustic controlled decoiler. Ø500-Ø600mm

Stretching module; Mid-stretch (parabolic wheel) and side stretch (rollers)

Guiding table; Fully adjustable guiding table. Up-Down, left right, small- wide.

24 steps Rollform machine; 24 stations, up and down powered basic frame with center blocks.

Cut to length measure system; 0.5mm accuracy up to 20,0 mtr (65,61 ft)

Fully adjustable cutting station; Hydraulic powered cutting, up-down, Left-right adjustable. Easy access

Control cabinet; length, number of pieces, with USB connection.


Rollform machine with basic machine frame for multiply profiles, speed up to 60 mtr. /Min (196,85 ft/min)

Easy change system due center blocks in frame and profile cassettes.

Rollform machine is powered by 18,5 Kw Ac motor. With Lenze controller and feedback.

Decoiler is “stand alone” hydraulic powered mandrel, 11,0 Kw. AC rotation, both ways.

Total length without decoiler; 10,5 mtr. (34,45 ft)

Total width 2,10 mtr. (6,89 ft)

Total weight approx. 6,0 Mt. (frame with power train)

Total weight cassette, up to 1,5 Mt.

Decoiler approx. 5,0 mtr. (16,4 ft) From guiding table.

Separate hydraulic unit (7,5 Kw.) for cutting.

Max. material width, 610 mm (1,97 ft)

Max. Coil weight 5,0 Mt.

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