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16" (420mm) Mino 4-HI Reversing Cold Rolling Mill


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Mfc.: MINO Type
Built: 1970 Revamped
Strip width: 420 mm Thickness
Coil weight: 8.0 T Coil
Rolled material: Carbon steel (can be used for other applications too)
Work roll dia.: 170 mm Work roll face length
Back-up roll dia.: 560 mm Back-up roll face length
Vertical force: 350 MT Motor power
Uncoiler mandrel dia.: 430-520 mm Uncoiler power
Breaking force: 400 - 1500 kg Uncoiler mandrel face length
Speed: 200 m/min

Pinch Roll dia.: 180 mm Pinch roll face length
Straightening roll dia.: 130 mm Straightening roll face length
Motor power: 11 kW, AC motor Feeding speed
Specification of the recoiler (2 units)
Recoiler mandrel dia.: 500 mm Recoiler mandrel face length
Rewinding force: 400 - 4000 kg Recoiler power
Hydraulic device, with its own hydraulic unit for the variation of the
camber of the rollers
Available rolls: Work rolls
Specification of AGC
Hydraulic AGC included
Max. static pressure: 210 kg/cm2 Max. pressure static separation
Max. dynamic pressure: 140 kg/cm2 Max. pressure dynamic separation
Stroke of hydraulic cylinders: 20 mm Speed of hydraulic cylinders at 140
Max. acceleration: 120 mm/sec Section of each cylinder
Maximum possible frequency of intervention (peak to peak)
Correction of 0.2 mm: 6 Hz Correction of 0.02 mm

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