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Franklin Beam Welding Line with Plasma Cutter / Flange Line / Pull Through Welder. YEAR 2008

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Year 2008
Complete Line Featuring:
72" Pull Through Welder
Flange Line
80' x 40' Plasma Line
72" Pull Through Welder F3344
Maximum Beam Width:  74" (1878mm)
Maximum Flange Width:  20" (500mm)
Minumum Flange Width:  5" (127mm)
Maximum Flange Thickness:  1" (25mm)
Maximum Flange Thickness NON Bending:  1.5"  (38mm)
Maximum Web Taper:  15 Degrees
Maximum Web Thickness:  .625"  (15.8mm)
Minimum Web Thickness:  .135"  (3.5mm)
Maximum Weld Speed:  100 Inches Per Minute
Radius Bending
40' Dual Magnet Flange Loading Gantry
40' Gantry Bridge
Dual Roll Lift Beams
15' Non Powered Conveyor
20' Non Powered Conveyor
40' Gantry Bridge with Splice
Lift Beam with Magnet Assembly
50' Up-Ender Infeed Conveyor
25' Powered Up Ender Conveyor
25' Non Powered Up Ender Conveyor
Tack Section with Flange Clamp and Web Lift Carriage
30' Outfeed Conveyor with Drive and Vertical Rolls
30' Infeed Conveyor with Drive and Lifters
72" Pull Through Welder
Vacuum & Recovery Tank
Horizontal Roller Assembly
Moveable Side Welding Head Assembly
Adjustable Weld Tip Hoder
Moveable Side Web Lift
Flux Holder
Copper Wheel Assembly Movable & Fixed
Drive Wheel 
Welding Head
60' Outfeed Conveyor Powered and Non Powered
Buggy Transfer Assembly
Power Brush Assembly
Plate Flange Line F3301
ASTM:  A572 Grade 50     72,000 PSI  Max Shear Strength
Maximum Tonnage:  196 Ton
Maximum Hole Diameter:  2"
Material Thickness:  1 1/4" to 3/16"
Material Width:  20" - 5"
Web Capacity:  72"
Flange Capacity:  20" x 1"
Gantry Assembly
Flange Gantry Bridge
40' Lift Beam with 12 Magnets
45' Infeed Conveyor Assembly
Centering Device
Weld Splice Assembly
196 Ton Press with Gage Block
Shear with Measuring Wheel & Stop Block
70 Ton Punch, 1 5/8" Stroke, Max Hole Diameter  1 1/2" , Max Thickness 3/4"
100 Ton Punch 2" Stroke, Max Hole Diameter 1.5" , Max Thickness 1"
Gag / Stripper Block Assembly
Pinch Roll Assembly with Servo Driver
23' Powered Outfeed Conveyor
19' Non Powered Outfeed Conveyor
21' Powered Outfeed Conveyor
23' Non Powered Outfeed Conveyor with Kick-Off
22' Powered Conveyor
Stacker Assembly with Pusher & Lift Buggy
Runner Beam Assembly with Lift Buggy
Messer Plasma F3345
Beckoff Controller
Hyperformance Plasma HPR 130
Powerwave AC/DC 1000
80' x 40' Driven Plasma Table  F3345
40' Vacuum Gantry
40' Gantry Bridge
30' Conveyor with Pusher
25' Conveyor with Pusher
Plasma Slat Table
Dust Recovery Collection System
Slat Conveyor R to L Flow
Smoke Collector
Slat Bed Section with 23 Slats
Slat Bed Section with 10 Slats
20' Slat Conveyor
30' Slat Conveyor
Web Transfer with Trolley & Buggy Lift Assembly
Flange Stacker with Pusher Assembly
Runner Beam Sub Assembly
Vacuum Lifters
Digital Drives and Controls
Dust Collection Systems

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