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Ficep Drilling & Sawing Line Model 1203 DFB


1203 DFB

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Ficep Drilling & Sawing Line
Model 1203 DFB
For I-Beams, UPN Channels, Angles, Flats, All Beams, Round & Square Tubes
1 Vertical Drill Head
2 Horizontal Drill Heads
1 Spindle per Vertical Drill Head
1 Spindle per each Horizontal Drill Head
50mm Max Hole Diameter
Spindle Rotation Speed:  180 - 3000RPM
Spindle Drill Feed Rate 40-1000  mm/min
Banding Saw Unit Model SCS 126
Sawing Capacity At 90 Degrees: Min. – 80 X 10 Mm, Max. – 1250 X 510 Mm
Sawing Capacity At 45 Degrees: 800 X 510 Mm
Sawing Capacity At 60 Degrees: 500 X 500 Mm
Band’s Size: 67 X 1.6 X 10,500 Mm
Bands Motor Power: 11 Kw
Toothed Band’s Speed: 20-100 M/Min.
Other Specifications
Maximum Positioning Weight: 5400 Kg.
Maximum Linear Weight of The Section: 220 Kg/M
Maximum Carriage Speed: 50 M/Min
Horizontal Heads Spindle Positioning Speed: 15 M/Min
Vertical Head Spindle Positioning Speed: 30 M/Min
Working Level Height: 850 Mm
Complete With-
Infeed Conveyor (For Bars Up To 12 Mt)
Working Units:
Monospindle Horizontal Drill Heads
Monospindle Vertical Drill Head
Hydraulic Double Jaw Vice Assembly
Sliding Idle Roll
Marking Unit With 36 Positions Mod. MKT 36 N (1 Set of Marking Characters Included)
Swarf Conveyor for Drilling Unit
Tool-Change System (With 6 Positions)
Sawing Unit:
Band Sawing Unit Mod. SCS 126
Outfeed Conveyor (For Bars Up To 12 Nt)
Hydraulic and Pneumatic System
Electric System
Ficep MINOSSE Control Unit


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