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Continuous Welded I-Beam Line

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Beam Line Incoming Coil Data:
Max. Coil Weight: 20,000 lbs.
Max. Coil O.D: 72"
Coil I.D Range: 20 - 29"
Width Range: 1 1/2 - 18 1/4"
Thickness Range: .087" - .375"

Material Specification
Material: Mild Steel & Carbon Steel
Yield Strength: 45,000 PSI - 80,000 PSI

Line Performance:
Line Operating Speed: 25 - 100 FPM
Process: Continuous for Max. 0.250" Flange
Start-Stop to 0.375" Thickness
Strip Accumulation: Horizontal (3)
Strip Storage Capacity: Gauge Line Speed FPM Storage
.087" 100 1250'
.125" 100 1000'
.134" 100 900'
.156" 100 800'
.165" 100 700'
.188" 70 650'
.200" 60 600'
.250" 50 500'
Means of Cut-Off: Digitally Controlled Measuring System with Flying Saw (Hot)

Cut-Off Tolerances:
Flying Saw: +/- 1/2"
Annual Tonnage at Continuous Welding Process Based on a Single 8 Hr. Shift
(2000 hrs./ annum): 45,000 tons

Equipment List:
Note: Items marked * are New or Rebuilt in 1997/1998

Welded Beam Line
Flange Strip Feeding Section
Two (2) Floor-Type Coil Cars
Two (2) Single Mandrel Uncoilers
Two (2) 5-Roll Flatteners (overhauled) with Pinch Rolls/ Peeler Tables
Two (2) Strip Joiners (Shear & End Welder)
Two (2) Hump Tables (overhauled)
Two (2) Strip Twist Guides
Two (2) Horizontal Strip Accumulators
c/w Infeed Pinch Roll
Rotating Strip Support Table
Inner Outfeed Tower
Exit Pinch Rolls
Strip Guides

Web-Strip Feeding Section
One (1) Floor-Type Coil Car
One (1) Single Mandrel Uncoiler
One (1) 5-Roll Flattener
c/w Pinch Rolls
Peeler Table
One (1) Shear & End-Welder (Strip Joiner)
One (1) Strip Turning Device
One (1) Horizontal Strip Accumulator (Similar to flange accumulator)
One (1) Strip Orientation Section

Process and Cut-Off Section
One (1) 'Thermatool' Weld Fixture
c/w Web-Strip Upsetting Tools
Removable Upsetting Units
Guiding Devices for Flange Strips
H.F. Weld-Stand with Contacts
Two (2) Thermatool H.F. Power Units
Model VT 300
Upgraded in 1998
One (1) Beam Cooling Booth
c/w Water Pumps & Spray Pipes
Three (3) Beam Pull-Out Stands (rebuilt)
One (1) Beam Straightener (rebuilt)
One (1) Flying Cut-Off Saw (rebuilt)
c/w 'Tallyrand' Acceleration/Measuring System
Saw Pull-Out Stand
One (1) Beam Run-Out Conveyor & Stacking Ramps
One (1) Beam Reclaim Ramps with Horizontal Band Saw

This is a complete line still installed.
Condition is very good as this line has been upgraded extensively:

The following components have been rebuilt and uprgaded: Welders, Eletrical Controls,
Tallyrand Controls for Cut-Off, 3 Accumulators.

ABB Switch Gear

Phazecon Digital Drives, 12500

Allen Bradley PLC

Spare Parts

Spare Saw Blades

Complete line can be inspected under power and operating.


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