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78" (2000 mm) x 12mm x 60,000# Barbero Slitting Line

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Width 2000 millimeters
Thickness 12 millimeters
Coil Weight 60000 pounds
Arbor Size 300 millimeters

Equipped With

Manufacturer: Barbero Samo (Italy)
Minimum Sheet Thickness: 2.5 Mm.
Max Sheet Thickness: 12 Mm. R70
Max Coil Weight: 30 Tons
Complete Line with The Following Components:
Coil Loading Saddle
Pit Type Coil Car
Double Expandable Mandrel Uncoiler
Expansion ID: Ø500 to Ø700

Entry Pinch Rolls

5 Roll Straightener
Crop Shear 
Slitting Head
Arbor Diameter: 300 Mm.
Scrap Winder

Squishy Rollers

Capacity Max.: 30 Ton.
Installed Power: 130 Kw Approx.

2 Arm Exit Turnstile

V Type Exit Coil Car

Complete Line with Hydraulics, Electrics, Controls, And Drawings

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