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750 Ton Hydraulic Advanced Press

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Tonnage 750 tons
Stroke 8 inches
Shut Height 24 inches
Bed W 53 inches
Bed L 36 inches

Equipped With

Bed Size: 36'' x 53''
Model: 570-2330
Stroke: 8''
Daylight: 32''
Closed Height: 24''
Ram Speeds: 
Approach: 300 IPM
Forming: 0.05-50 IPM
Return: 300 IPM
Ram Piston Diameter: 20''
DImensions: 112'' x 90'' x 157''
Weight: 55,000 Lbs
Milwaukee Power Arm: 
Model: MPA-50-24-24-24-SHV
Workload: 500 Lbs
Working Radius: 48''
Equipped with: 
20 Ton Bed Cushion
STI Light Curtains
Tonnage Valve Control with Gauge
Tool Ejector
Automatic Loader
Possons Safety Hand Strap Controls
Barrier Safety Guards
Dual Infrared Hand Control
Die Set: 32'' x 26''
Motor: 150/75

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