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72" x 14 Gauge x 20,000lbs Iowa Precision Slear 2 Line

slear 2

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Width 72 inches
Coil Weight 20000 pounds

Equipped With

Manufacturer: Iowa Precision
Model: Slear 2
Max Thickness: 14 Gauge
Max Coil Weight: 20,000lbs
Maximum Width: 72"
Coil OD: 64"
Pass Line: 60"
Line Direction: Left to Right
Complete Line with the Following Components:
Mandrel Uncoiler and Coil Car
Max Weight Capacity: 20,000lbs
Hydraulic Expansion
Coil ID: 20" to 24"
Powered Hold Down Roll
Entry Table
Entry Pinch Rolls
Adjustable Side Guides
Slear Unit:
Sliter Arbors
6 Roll Flatener
Flying Shear
Finished Blank Lengths: 24" to 144"
Length and Width Tolerances: - +/0 0.15"
Bundle Max Weight:  10,000 LBS
Slit Width Mult Capacity: @14 Gauge.... 5 Mults
Minimum Trim: 0.250" per side

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