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72" Aetna Standard Electro- Galvanizing Line

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Manufacturer: Aetna Standard

General Specifications:
Type of Line: Electrolytic
Material Processed: Steel, Coiled Carbon Steel
Incoming Material Size:
Width Minimum: 26” (660.400 mm)
Width Maximum: 7: 2.600” (1,844.040 mm)
Thickness Minimum: 0.015” (0.381mm)
Thickness Maximum: 0.060” (1.524 mm)
Entry Coil I.D.: 24” (609.600 mm)
Entry Coil O.D.: 90” (2,286.000 mm)
Coil Weight (Lbs.): 60,000 Pounds
Line Speed (Fpm): 350 Fpm  (106.680 mpm)
Threading Speed (Fpm) :N70 Fpm   (21.336 mpm)
Coil Car:
Quantity: 2
Capacity: 30 Tons (27.216 mt)
Platen Type: Idler Roller
Pit Type
Capacity (Tons): 30 Tons (27.216 mt)
Pinch Roll / Flattener:
Number of Pinch Rollers: 2
Pinch Roll Diameter: 26” (660.400 mm)
Pinch Roll Face: 84” (2,133.600 mm)
Number of Flattener Rollers: 5
Flattener Roll Diameter: 5” (2,133.600 mm)
Flattener Roll Face” 84” (2,133.600 mm)
Roll Configuration: 2 Over 3
Bearing Type: Roller
Pinch Roll Gearbox:
Drive Motor: 10 & 5 Hp
Motor Manufacturer: General Electric
Frame: CD
Flattener Gearbox:
Drive Motor:  15 Hp (11.190 Kw)
Motor Manufacturer: General Electric
Frame:  Cd184ma 
Current: DC
Shear Manufacturer:  Aetna Standard
Shear Design:  Cold 
Material Processed: Steel 
Width Minimum: 26" (660.400 mm)
Width Maximum: 72.600" (1,844.040 mm)
Thickness Minimum: 0.015" (0.381 mm)
Thickness Maximum: 0.060" (1.524 mm)
Operation: Hydraulic Cylinder
Type: Lap Weld
Manufacturer: Welder and Notcher Are from Taylor Winfield
Gauge Stand:
Applicable: Yes
Type:  Isotope
Bridle Roll Assembly No. 1:
Material Processed: Steel
Quantity of Rolls: 2
Roll Diameter: 42" (1,066.800 Mm) 
Roll Face: 84" (2,133.600 mm) 
Wall Thickness: Rubber Coated Inches 
Roll Face Coating: Yes
Bridle Roll Drive Data: 
Drive Assembly Type: Gear Reducer, Individual Drive
Roll No. 1:
Horsepower: Cd 194 HP
Fessler Gear Drive
Roll No. 2:
Horsepower: Cd 194 HP
Fessler Gear Drive
Entry Looping Tower:
Design: Plating Section Accumulator With 150 Hp Drive
Entry Storage):  88' (26.822 M) 
Number of Rolls: 16
Bridle Roll Assembly No. 2:
Material Processed: Steel
Quantity of Rolls: 8 (Units 2a & 2b- 4 Rolls Each Unit)         
Roll Diameter: 42" (1,066.800 mm)
Roll Face: 84" (2,133.600 mm) 
Roll Face Coating: Yes
Bridle Roll Drive Data: Driven: Yes
Drive Assembly Type: Gear Reducer, Differential Shaft
Steering Rolls:
Roll Diameter:30" (762.000 mm) 
Roll Face: 84" (2,133.600 mm)
Cleaning Section:
Number of Tanks: 3
Tank No. 1: Electrolytic Caustic 
Tank No. 2: Electrolytic Caustic 
Tank No. 3: Water Rinse Cell
Pickling Section:
Number of Tanks: 3
Tank No. 1: Electrolytic 
Tank No. 2: Brush Scrubber 
Tank No. 3: Brush Scrubber
Plating Section:
Total Number of Tanks: 2
Number of Plating Tanks: 20 
Number of Rectifiers Top Side: 33000 Amps
Application of Coating: Both Sides with Uniform Edge Thickness System
Chemical Treatment:
Number of Tanks: 2 Electrolyte Storage And 5 Recirculating Tanks
Strip Drying:
Type: Forced Air and Heaters
Manufacturer:  Hoffman
Strip Oiler:
Type of Oiler: Electrostatic
Thickness Gauge:
Applicable:  Yes
Type: Seinko Coating Weight Gauge
Bridle Roll Assembly No. 3:
Material Processed: Steel
Quantity Of Rolls: 4
Roll Diameter: 42" (1,066.800 mm) 
Roll Face:84" (2,133.600 mm) 
Wall Thickness: Rubber Coated Inches 
Roll Face Coating: Yes
Bridle Roll Drive Data:
Driven: Yes
Exit Looping Tower:
Design: Accumulator
Exit Storage):91' (27.737 M) 
Height of Tower: 150' (45.720 M)
Bridle Roll Assembly No. 4:
Material Processed: Steel
Quantity of Rolls:  2
Roll Diameter):42" (1,066.800 mm) 
Roll Face:84" (2,133.600 mm) 
Wall Thickness: Rubber Coated Inches
Roll Face Coating: Yes
Bridle Roll Drive Data: Driven: Yes
Inspection Station:
Design / Description: Seinko Coating Weight Gauge (X-Ray) 
Tension Leveler:
Manufacturer: Herr Voss
Edge Guide: Yes
Manufacturer: Fife 
Centering Guide Type: Adjust. Hyd.
Exit Pinch Roll:
Roll Diameter :11" (279.400 Mm) 
Roll Face: 84" (2,133.600 Mm) 
Drive Motor:
Motor Manufacturer: General Electric
Frame: 5cd164
Current: Dc
Exit Shear:
Shear Manufacturer:  Other
Shear Design: Flying, Hydraulic
Drive Motor: Quantity: 1
Quantity: 1
Type: Mandrel
Mandrel Dimensions:
Diameter: 24.00" With Beltwrapper
Face: 84" (2,133.600 mm)
Coil Size:
Coil I.D. Minimum: 24" (609.600 mm)
Coil O.D. Minimum: 90" (2,286.000 mm)
Coil Weight: 60,000 Lbs
Coil Weight Tons: 30 Tons
Drive Type: Electro Mechanical
Drive Motor:
Quantity: 2
Horsepower: 1,250 Hp (932.500 Kw)
Motor Manufacturer: General Electric
Frame: Cd445h Shunt
Rpm: 400/1600 Rpm
Current: DC
Exit Coil Car:
Quantity: 1
Capacity: 30 Tons (27.216 mt)
Electrical Control:
Electrical Control Manufacturer: General Electric
Approximate Overall Dimensions:
Length:1,200' (365.760 M) 
Width: 20' (6.096 M)
Height: 100' (At Looping Towers)
Comments: All Electrical Drives And Controls Are Included, Entry End Loading Is Done With Coil Conveyors.  Coil Bander Is Located At Exit End Of Line.  A Complete Chemical Plant With All Necessary Pumps Are Included.   Strip Polisher Was Not Used Lately But All Brushes Are Still On Site And Can Be Reactivated.  Spares Available.


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