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630mm 4hi Reverse Cold Rolling Mill AGC (2008)

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Material: carbon steel Q195, Q235, SPHC

Finished product:

Coil width: Max.630mm

Coil thickness: Min. 0.2mm

Main equipment structure:

main rolling machine: OD150/OD560*700

Rolling force: 4,500K.N

Work roll: OD150-125 *780mm

Work roll material: 86CrMoV7

Back up roll: OD560-530*700mm

Back up roll material: 9Cr2Mo

Coil width: Max. 630mm

Roll speed: Max. 5m/s

Input coil thickness: Max. 2.75mm

Output coil thickness: Min. 0.2mm

Main motor: Z4-450-42 600KW 400V

600-1100r/min (Hengli Motor)

Reducer: ZLY500

Exit devices: automatic thickness gauge, horizontal roll, squeeze roll process

Herringbone gear seat: A=820 Mn=12

Pressing down: hydraulic AGC

Upper roll balance: hydraulic

Work roll: hydraulic positive bending roll, hydraulic positive bending roll

Roll bearing: FCD6492300 (Oil mist lubrication)

Stand size: 300*350mm

Hydraulic roll changing trolley

Universal joint shaft: equipped with swc315 cross head universal joint

Recoiler 2 sets

Hydraulic pyramid expansion and contraction drum: expansion and contraction range: OD508-488mm

Drum effective length: 700mm (with bracket and jaw)

Max. coil weight: 5000KG, max. coil OD:1500mm

Recoiler motor: Z4-355-22 315KW 600-1500r/min (Hengli motor)

Reducer: A850 (Non-standard self-designed, equipped with hydraulic pressing material)

Coiling tension: 5000KG

Hydraulic unloading car 2 sets, hydraulic lifting, horizontal movement

Hydraulic station: 1 pcs 400L system pressure: 6.3 Mpa, double pump 7.5kW, with cooler and accumulator. High voltage station: 25MPa

Thin oil station: for thin oil circulating lubrication of front and rear coiler, main reducer and herringbone gear box

Electric control and instrument

Thickness gauge: exclude radiation source for thickness gauge

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