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630 Ton Servo Press with Feed Line (Ultra High Strength Capability) New 2019

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THICKNESS RANGE: 0.020”‐0.125” (0.5mm‐3.2mm)
YIELD STRENGTH: 55,000 psi min. –150,000 psi max.339.2 (MPa min. ‐1034.2 MPa max.)
TENSILE STRENGTH: 65,000 psi min.‐155,000 psi max. (448.2 MPa min. ‐1068.7 MPa max.)
LINE SPEED: 100 fpm max. (30.5 m/min max.)
PRESS SPEED: 1‐60 SPM (Continuous), 1‐85 SPM (Pendulum)
COIL CAPACITY: 25,000 lb max. 11.34 Tonnes max.
COIL O.D. RANGE: 36.0” min. – 72.0” max. (914mm min. – 1829mm max.)
COIL I.D. RANGE: 19.00” min. – 24.50” max. (continuous expansion) (483mm min. – 622mm max.)
MATERIAL (COIL) WIDTH: 7.0” min. – 24.0” max. (178mm min. – 610mm max.)
PRESS CAPACITY 693 U.S. Tons 6300 kN (630 Tonne)
PRESS BED SIZE 120.1” x 59.1” (3050x1500mm)

Coil car with floor mounted rail
Single mandrel uncoiler with pneumatic brake tension and rear coil guard
Precision cassette straightener with:
o Powered peeler table and hold down roll
o Entry powered pinch rolls
o Edge guide rolls and entry end hydraulic hammer flattener bar
o Exit torque driven pull roll
o Cassette 1: 4‐HI configuration with 19x 1.750” diameter work rolls
Hydraulic bombay thread table (loop area)
Hydraulic power unit
Entry perimeter guarding system
Servo roll feed unit with edge guide rolls and motorized passline adjustment

Servo press with:
o Air cooled servo drive motor
o Adjustable die safety blocks, front and rear light curtains and die area lights

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