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62" (1550mm) x .157" (4mm) x 25Ton Loop Slitting Line with 4 Arm Tooling Capstan (Completely Rebuilt 2022)

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Width 62 inches
Thickness .157 inches
Coil Weight 50000 pounds

Equipped With


Tensile strength: max 700 N/mm2

Thickness range: 0.5mm – 4.0mm

Coil width: 500mm – 1550mm (according to coil outside diameter)

Max. coil weight: 25 Tons


Complete line with the Following Components:


Entry Coil Ramp


V-Type Entry Coil Car

25Ton Coil Weight Capacity


Double Cone Uncoiler

Automatic Control Alignment System


Free Standing Hold Down Roll with Peeler System


Entry Pinch Rolls


6 Rolls Powered Straightener


Entry Hydraulic Crop Shear with Scrap Box


Cross Table


Slitting Head


4-Arm Tooling Capstan


Scrap Baller with Scrap Conveyor


Entry and Exit Cascade Rolls


Pit Cross Over Table


Pad and Rotary Tension Stand


Exit Pinch Roll


Exit Hydraulic Crop Shear



Overarm Separator

Push Off Plate


L-Type Exit Coil Car

Strip Separators "Piano Fingers" Design


Exit 4 Arm Turnstile


Complete line with Electrics, Hydraulics and Controls

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