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60” CMS Precision Wall Panel Roll Form Line

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Wall Panel Line

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Number of Stands 16

Equipped With

60” CMS Precision Rollform Line 
Year 2003
Wall Panel Roll Form Line
Panel Width:  6” - 46”
Thickness:  18Ga to 10Ga
Total HP:  180
Complete Mill With
Entry Coil Car / Coil Tipper
20,000# Mandrel Uncoiler
  Sliding Base
  Hold Down Roll
  Hydraulic Expansion
  Powered / Feed Up Drive
Entry Feed Unit
  Peeler Table
  Edge Guides
  Pinch Rolls
  7 Roll Powered Flattener
  Edge Trimmer
  Looping Pit Cascade Rolls
Feeder Unit
  Exit Pit Cascade Rolls
  Edge Guides
  Precision Feeder Roll
4 Post Hydraulic Hole Punch Press
  4 Hydraulic Cylinders
  Punch Die Shuttle Table
  Spare Dies and Punches
  Scrap Removal System
  50 HP Power Unit
Auto Stand Adjust Rollformer
  Entry Edge Guide Rolls
  2 Entry Pressure Stands
  16 Roll Forming Stands
  40 HP AC Variable Speed Drive
  Motorized Width Adjustment
  Motorized Stand Adjustment
4 Post Hydraulic Flying Shear
  Hydraulic Shear Accelerator
  (2) Hydraulic Power Packs
  40 HP Hydraulic Unit with Servo Cylinder
  30 HP Hydraulic Unit 
  Linear Sliding Base
Run Out Table
Allen Bradley Digital Readouts
Allen Bradley Touch Screen Controller
Auto Tooling Adjust

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