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6.5" x 6mm Complete Tube Mill Line (NEW 2017)

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Tube Diameter 6.5 inches
Max. Wall Thickness .24 inches

Equipped With

Strip thickness: 2to 6mm
O.D Range: 60mm to~165mm Diameter
Pipe Thickness: 2mm to 6mm
Length: 6-8 Meter
Mill Speed: 20~50M/min
Coil Car
Mandrel Uncoiler
Shear End Welder
Horizontal Accumulator
(4) Forming  Stands
110mm Diameter Shaft
(3) Fin Stands
60mm Shaft Diameter
200HP DC Motor Drive
4 Roll Welding Box
400KW High Frequency Solid State Welder
OD Scarfing Unit
Cooling Section
(6) Sizing Driven  Stands
200HP DC Motor Drive
Flying Cold  Saw Cut Off
Transfer Run Out Table Packaging Line

Complete with Hydraulics, Electrics, Controls, Tooling and Manuals

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