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50.8mm x 2mm Oto Mills High Speed Tube Mill Line Model 503 Year 2003



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Tube Diameter 2 inches
Max. Wall Thickness 0.078 inches

Equipped With

Year 2003
Model No.  503
Serial No. 6594
Tube Diameter:  12.7mm -
Wall Thickness:  .5mm - 2mm
Strip Width:  38mm - 160mm
Line Speed:  150 MPM
Squares:  15mm x 15mm  -  40mm x 40mm
Rectangulars:  15mm x 10mm  -  60mm x 20mm

Complete Mill With:

Double End Uncoiler
Sliding Coil Support

Shear & End We;lder

Vertical Floop

Forming Mill
Single Point Adjustment
Universal Drive
2 Motor Forming Mill
Speed Gear Box
2 Sets of Entry Edge Guides
4 Forming Stands
3 Side Idler Rolls
2 Side Idler Roll Cluster
3 Finn Pass Stands
2 Side Idler Rolls

Thermatool Solid State Welder
Entry Squeeze Roll
2 Roll Weld Box
2 Scarfing Stands
Coaked Metalizing Spray System

Cooling Trough

Sizing Mill 
Single Point Adjustment
Universal Drive
1 Motor Sizing Mill
Speed Gear Box
5 Sizing Stands
4 Side Idler Rolls
4 Turks Heads

Pruftechnik Eddychek 5 Eddy Current Tester

Oto Mills Cold Saw Cut-Off
Model TAGB New in 2021
60 KW DC Accelerator
Fives Automation Controls

Run Out Table
Side Discharge


Siemens Simatic HMI
Siemens Touch Screen Controls
Elletre Controls System with Digital Drives


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