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40" Waterbury Farrel 2-HI Temper Mill

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Max Width Workpiece 37 inches

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Mill Section: 2 Hi
Mill Type: Non Reversing 
Material: Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel

Strip Width Data
Maximum: 37in/939.802mm
Minimum: 14in/355.601mm
Entry Gauge Maximum: 0.125in/3.175mm
Exit Gauge Minimum: 0.008in/0.203mm
Maximum Coil Size (Winder) O.D.: 48in/1219.202mm
Coil Size (Winder) I.D.: 20in/508.001mm
Maximum Coil Weight: 
Absolute Coil Weight: 14,200lbs/6441.077747kg

Mill Data/
Mill Speed (Max): 500fpm/152.40mpm
Mill Speed (Min): 250fpm/76.20mpm
Mill Power, Main Motor: 250hp/186.424968kw
650/1300 Rpm, Water Cooled, Eddy Current Clutch
44o Volt, 3ph, 60 Cyc
Pinion Stand Ratio16.8 : 12 Speed

Mill Rolls
Work Roll Nominal Diameter: 25in/635.00127mm
Back Up Roll Diameter42in/1066.802134mm
Mill Bearings , Roller Type/

Winder Power: 150hp/111.8549808kw
Water Cooled, Eddy Current Clutch
440 Volt, 3 Ph, 60 Cyc

Winder Mandrel: 
Diameter: 20in/508.001016mm
Face: 42in/1066.802134mm
Mandrel Type: Expandable, 19.687" Closed

Winder Tension: 
Maximum: 15,000lbs/6803.955366kg
Intermediate To 650 Fpm: Lbs/0kg
Minimum: 9,900lbs/4490.610542kg
Gear Reducer Ratio15.22 : 1

Power: 3hp, Ac/2.237099616kw
Tension: 8,332lbs/3779.370407kg
Speed: 500fpm
Mandrel Diameter: 17.5in/444.5mm
Nominal: 21.521.5in/546.1mm
(With Fillers): 25.0in/635.0mm
Water Cooled Brake, Manual Edge Control

Coolant -Filter System: 
Mill Direction: Right To Left

Line Configuration
Coil Car: Fixed, Hydraulic Lift
Payoff Reel: Paper Winder
Entry Bridge Table: Hydraulic Operation
Sensing Heads
Deflector Roll: 
Main Mill Frame: (2) 20" Dia. Hydraulic Cylinder Load/Adjustment
Roll Polishing Top And Bottom
Roll Change Sled
Deflector Rollpivoting For Load Cell
Winder (Left): 
Coil Car: Hydraulic Lift
Paper Winder
Motor Drive Controls: 
Operator Control Console
Overall Floor Dimensions, (L-R / F-B): 26 Ft X 33 Ft 

-      - 2 Extra Sets of Spare Rolls

-       - 8 Chocks Total Available 


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