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3048mm Polyethylene 3 Layer Coating System

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Dimensions 3000

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Year 2008
3 Layer Polyethylene Coating Line
Pipe OD:  219.1mm - 3048mm\
Pipe Lengths:  8m - 19.5m
Coating Capacity:  250 m2/h
Induction Heating System:  1400 Kwatt Capacity
Coating Process:
1st Layer:  Epoxy Powder Primer by 10 Electrostatic Spray Guns
2nd Layer:  Adhesive Layer by Side Extrusion 400 kg/H Capacity
3rd Layer:  Polyethylene Topcoat by Side Extrusion 1200 kg/H Capacity

3 Layer PE Coating Line
Epoxy Coating
Entry & Exit Feed Conveyor with Individual Powered Conveyor Rolls
15 Induction Coils
1400 KW Elind Power Supply (Italy)
ABB Sace S8 Main Breaker
Mata Powder Extruder
1 Extruder Head Adhesive
2 Extruder Heads PE Coating
3 Stage Water Quench / Cooling
In-Line  Quality Testing with Spray Notification
(10) ITW GEMA Optic Controllers
Digital Readouts
End Brushing Unit for Removing Coating
Elind Induction Heating Unit  (Italy)
(15) Almu Elektrik Induction Coils
Raytek Non-Contact Infrared Temperature Measurement Device
   Model RayXRLT (Epoxy Primer)
   Model RayMM3MLVFL (online Temperature Program)
ITW Gema Electrostatic Epoxy Powder Spray Unit  (Switzerland)
   10 Spray Guns
   Epoxy Power Recovery System
Formmak Adhesive Extruder
Formmak PE/PP Topcoat Extruder
Ozka Cooling Tunnel & Conveyors
Ozka Input / Output Conveyors

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