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3” (88.9mm) x 3.20mm Pipe & Profile Mill NEW

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Tube Diameter 3 inches
Max. Wall Thickness .12 inches

Equipped With

Diameter of Pipe: 21mm (1/2”) – 88.9mm (3”)
Pipe & Profile Thickness: 0.80mm – 3.20mm
Final Product Length: 4m – 8m
Material: GRA – S235 - S235 - S275 - S355 - Galvanized-Sendzimir
Coil OD: 1,000mm – 2,000mm
Coil ID: 470mm – 610mm
Maximum Coil Width: 280mm
Consisting of the Following Components
Entry Line
Loading Weight (Double Head): 7500 kg x2
Coil ID: 470mm – 610mm
Coil OD: 1,000mm – 2,000mm
Crop & Strip Joining Unit
Shear Cutting Thickness: 0.80mm – 4.0mm
Horizontal Spiral Accumulator
Loading Capacity: 25,000 kg
Drive System: 7.5 kW Electrical Motors (11 pieces)
Strip Entry Leveling
Forming Group
Shaft Diameter: 90mm
Drive Power: 110 kW AC Motor
7 Stations
7 Inter Media Tubes Stations
Guiding Rolls / Seam Guide
2 Rollers
Welding Group & Outside Scraping Unit
4 Rollers
Scraping Group
HF Solid State Welder
Adjustable Welding Table with X, Y, Z
Heat Exchanger
Cooling Tunnel
Calibration / Sizing Group
Band Width/Thickness: 280mm Maximum / 0.80mm – 3.20mm
Shaft Diameter: 90mm
Drive Power: 110 kW AC Motor
4 Stations
4 Intermedia Tubes Stations
4 Turk’s Heads (Profiling – Straightening Group)
Saw Group
Maximum Cutting Speed: 150 m/min, 6 meter
Material Thickness to be Cut: 0.80mm – 3.20mm
Measure of Material to be Cut: 21mm (1/2” – 88.9mm (3”)
Saw Dimensions: 450mm
Cutting Sensitivity:  +/- 1mm
Product Size: 4,000mm – 8,000mm
Packing Size: 500mm x 500mm
Maximum Package Weight: 5,000 kg
Line Power
HF Solid State Welding Machine: 350 kW
Forming Power: 110 kW
Calibration Power: 110 kW
Saw Power: 61 kW
Accumulator & Opener Group: 82.5 kW
Total: 7135 kW

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