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3" (85mm) Landgraf Bar Peeling Machine


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Manufacturer: LANDGRAF (Italy)
Diameter of the Black Bars: 15mm - 85mm
Length of the Black Bars: 2.8mm – 7.0mm
Maximum Diameter of the Peeled Bars: 80mm
Accuracy: IT 9 (ISO) [when the Straightness of the Black Bar Maximum of 1mm/m]
Surface Roughness: Ra maximum 3.2 microns
Maximum Feeding Speed: 30 m/min
Maximum Main Spindle Speed: 2000 RPM
Main Motor: AC 132 kW
Advance Motor: AC 50 kW
Unloading Equipment has a Table for the Black Bars
Capacity: 15 tons
Transfer of the Black Bar to the Advance Module made with Special Profile Rolls
Advance Module equipped with 4 Strong Rolls, Clamping Force
Hydraulic Cylinder
Advance Force: Electric
Main Spindle Work in a good condition up to 2,000 RPM
AC motor 132 kW/1500 RPM/50Hz
Extraction Module of Peeled Bar
Clamping Force: Hydraulic
Advance Force: Electric
Unloading Module similar to Loading Module
Electrical: NEW Electric Cabinet and NEW Operator Desk
Hydraulic Part and Cooling System - NEW

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