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3.5" (89mm) ZG Series High Frequency Pipe Making Machine

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Tube Diameter 3.5 inches
Max. Wall Thickness .1 inches

Equipped With

Model: ZG50K89
Pipe OD: 32mm – 89mm
Tube Thickness: Round Tube – 0.8mm – 2.5mm, Square Tube ≤2mm
Mill Speed: 20m/min – 70m/min
Pipe Length: 4m – 8m
Steel Strip Coil
Thickness: 0.8mm – 2.5mm
Material: Q195, Q235B
Width: 100mm – 280mm
Coil OD: 800mm – 1500mm
Coil ID: 470mm – 530mm
Maximum Weight: ≤3000 kg
Consisting of the following components:
Double Side Hydraulic Expanding Uncoiler
Coil ID: 470mm – 530mm
Coil OD: 800mm – 1500mm
Coil Width: 60mm – 250mm
Coil Weight: ≤3000 kg
Shear & Butt Welding Machine (optional)
Maximum Shearing Width: 280mm
Shearing Thickness: Mild Steel 0.8mm – 2.5mm
TIG Argon protected Automatic Gun
Horizontal Accumulator
Accumulator Diameter: 4500mm
Feeding Motor: 15 kW
Accumulating Capacity: 600m – 1000m
Forming Section
7 Horizontal Stands – 63.5mm Shaft Diameter
7 Vertical Roll Stands – 40mm Shaft Diameter
7 Gear Boxes
Guiding, Extruding, Scraping Section
Guiding Section: 2-Roll Rotation, Up & Down, Front to Back, Rotation Adjustments
Welding Section: 2-Roll & 3-Roll Squeeze
Planer Tool Seat adjusting Structure: Lead Screw Adjusting, Quick Change Knife
Cooling Tank
Sizing Machine
6 Horizontal Stands – 63.5mm Shaft Diameter
6 Vertical Roll Stands: 40mm Shaft Diameter
6 Gear Boxes
Turks Head Straightening Device
Single Side 4-Roller Rotation (4 Rollls, 2 Sets)
Diameter of Straightening Roll Shaft: 35mm
Main Driving Motor
Power of Main Motor: 185 kW
Reducer Type: ZLY250
Cutting Saw
Maximum Diameter: 89mm
Maximum Thickness: 2.5mm
Cutting Length & Precision: L= 4m – 8m, ≤± 2mm
Electric Control System: 2.9 kW Servo Motor
Speed of Cutting: 20m/min – 70m/min
Run Out Table
High Frequency Induction Welding Machine (optional)
200 kW High Frequency Solid State Welding Machine (prepared by user)
Overall Control Table
DC Speed Regulating Cabinet
Inverter Output Cabinet
Air-Water Cooler

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