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20 MN Extrusion Press with Log Heater and Hot Shear

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Tonnage 2000 metric-tons
Billet 203 millimeters

Equipped With

Extrusion Press
                Aluminum extrusion press          
                Back loading type: 8”
                Year of construction: 1980
                Manufacturer: SMS
                In Operation: Until November 2021
Adjustments /Repairs
                Modernization Hydraulic (ND, DH and pusher pump): 1996
                Modernization cylinder crosshead: 2002
                Crack in front plate: welded in 01.2019
Technical Data
                Press capacity: 2000 metric tons
                Ram-Speed: 18 mm/s
                Dead cycle (incl. burb): 20.5 s
                Diameter Billet: 203mm
                Diameter Container: 209.94mm
                Max. Billet length: 1000mm
                Die set diameter: 425mm
                Die set length: 450mm
                Diameter press exit: 350mm
                Container: 1 Zone
Hydraulic components
                Pumps: Bosch Rexroth
                                3 HD-Pumps
Control system: S 5
Energy consumption
                Electricity: 109   kWh/t
Gas Furnace
                Year of Construction: 1996
                Manufacturer: Otto Junker
                In Operation     
                Modification to flat billets possible          
Technical Data
                Billet Diameter: 203mm
                Min log length: 3500mm
                Max log length: 7000mm
                Alloy: 6xxx
                Min. billet length: 360mm
                Max. billet length: 1000mm
                Max. Billet furnace productivity: 3600kg/h
                Additional front heating: 30°C
                Divided billets possible: 2 parts
Energy consumption
                Gas: 410kWh/t
                Electricity: 31kWh/t
Additional Equipment
Log loader
Hot log shear
                Year of construction: 1996
                Manufacturer: Otto Junker
                Shear force: 2000kN
                Power Unit        
Billet feeding system
Spare Parts
                Container (+ flat billet container): 3 (+1) [St]
                Various hydraulic pumps and electric motors

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