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1700mm (67") x 8000mm (26') Wemex Heckert Roll Grinder Model SAXW-1600/2

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Swing 1600 millimeters
Centers 8000 millimeters
Weight Between Centers 165000 pounds
Grinding Wheel Dia. 900 millimeters
Grinding Wheel Width 760 millimeters
Crowning (Yes/No) yes
CNC Control yes
Weight 192000 pounds

Equipped With

Wemex Roll Grinder (Italian)
Model:  SAXW-1600/2
Serial No. 10.5201-000

Crowning and Cambering Capabilities
Max Grinding Diameter - 1700mm (67") with 760mm Grinding Wheel
Max Grinding Diameter - 1650mm (61") with 900mm Grinding Wheel
Min Grinding Diameter -  250mm (10") with 900mm Grinding Wheel
Center Height:  1000mm (40")
Maximum Center Distance:  5000mm - 8000mm (16' - 26')
Maximum Work Piece Weight:  75,000kg  (165,000 Lbs)
Work Drive Motor:  68KW
Variable Work Speeds:  2.5 - 40 RPM
Grinding Carriage Feed:  35 - 3600 mm/min
Longitudinal Rapid Movement of Grinding Carriage:  3500mm/min
Grinding Wheel Drive Motor:  66KW
Grinding Wheel Speed:  375 - 1125 RPM
Automatic In Feed Grinding Wheel to Radius Workpiece:  .0025mm - .05mm
Rapid Approach Of Grinding Wheel:  150 / 300 mm/min
Micro Infeed of Grinding Wheel by Hand:  .0005mm
Crown Referred to Radius of Workpiece:  +/- .01mm - 1.5mm
1 Pair of 2 Jaw Steadies with Fine Measuring
Roll Neck Diameters:  250mm - 500mm
1 Pair of 2 Jaw Steadies with Fine Measuring
Roll Neck Diameters:  480mm - 800mm
1 Pair of 2 Jaw Steadies with Fine Measuring
Roll Neck Diameters:  800mm - 1000mm
Magnetic Auto Filter
Paper Band-Type Auto Filter
Tank & Chip Tray
Continuous In-Feed Mechanism of the Grinding Wheel for Compensation of Wheel Ware
Stabilization of Power
Dynamic Wheel Balancing
Electronic Vibration Indicator
Wheel Mount
Roll Head Grinding Unit
Cone Grinding Carriage
Rough Grinding, Finish, Fine & Superfinish Grinding
Re-Conditioning Work Rolls and Back-Up Rolls
Hard & Soft Rubber Rolls
Machining of:  Cylindrical, Convex and Concave Rolls of Various Materials
Dimension of Grinding Wheels:  
Max:  750mm x 100mm x 305mm and 900mm x 100mm x 305mm
Min:  450mm x 100mm x 305mm
Servo Motor Movement / Adjust on Headstock, Tailstock, Grinding Wheel, Steadies Etc.
(Both Push Button Stand & HMI)
Head Stock Operator Push Button Panel
Computer Controlled
Carriage Flex I/O
Tailstock Forward & Reverse
2 Tailstock Clamps
Center Adjustment In / Out

2018 Electrical Upgrade
Allen Bradley PowerFlex Digital Drives 755
Allen Bradley 1609 SPO Ethernet Network Card
Allen Bradley PLC

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