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150mm Mair Finishing Floor Year 2000

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Tube Diameter: 40mm - 150mm
Wall Thickness: 1mm - 4mm (5mm)
Reference Material (Tensile Strength): 1,000 N/mm²
Tube Length Entry: 4m - 10m
Tube Length Exit: 4m - 8m
Max Bundle Weight: 3,000 kg
Max Bundle Diameter: 600mm
Working Direction: Left to Right
Consisting of:
- MAIR Tube Bundle Destacker I with Separation
- BRONX 10 Roll Tube Straightener: 10Cr.6-BWS
- MAIR Tube Bundle Destacker II with Separation
- HANDTE Wet Separator
- MAIR Tube Bundle Destacker III with Separation
- Tube Testing Eddy Current/Ultrasonic: ATM/KRAUT KRAMER/FORSTER
- MAIR Multiple-Head Saw: MC150/7/10
- MAIR Tube Beveling Machine
- MAIR Brushing Machine
- MAIR Destacker/Stacker
- MAIR Tube Bundle Destacker
- MAIR/ORGAPACK Tube Banding Machine
- SCHOENAUER Emulsion Treatment
- Siemens S7 Control
- Hydraulics

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