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1270mm Sendzimir Cold Reversing Mill Model ZR22-50 (Rebuilt by Tenova / I2S)



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Width 50 inches

Equipped With

1270mm HITACHI Sendzimir Stainless Cold 20-Hi Rolling Mill
 Model ZR22-50
Complete. Electrical Upgrade in 2012 Tenova
AGC Added in 2012 Tenova
I2S Gauges added in 2012
Mill & Winder Motors Rebuilt in 2012
 20-Hi Rolling Mill:
       Entry Thickness:  0.3mm - 5.5mm (.012" - .216")
       Output Thickness:  0.1mn - 4.0mm (.003" - .157")
       Width:  600mm - 1270mm (23.6" - 50")
 Capacity:  T/R:  22,500 - 250kg at 240M/Min (787 FPM)
            PO/R: 3900kg at 193M/Min (633 FPM)
 Main Motor:
       Mill Motor:  DC 1400 HP, 178/358 RPM
       T/R:  DC 1200 HP, 150/450 RPM
       PO/R: DC170 HP, 300/900 RPM
 Speed:  0 - 120 M/Min (393 FPM), 240 M/Min (787 FPM)
       Inner Diameter:  508mm (20")
       Outer Diameter:  1400mm (55")
       Max. Coil Weight:  10 Ton
Coil Lift Power Rotation
Mandrel Uncoiler 
Paper Winder
Peeler Hold Down Roll
Sliding Base
DC Drag Generator Brake                   
Hydraulic Expansion
Roll Roll Leveler
Tension Pad
Traversing Paper Winder
2 Tension Reels
Collapse-able Drums
Out Board Bearing Supports
2 Coil Cars
2 Tension Meters
Belt Wrappers
2 Crop Shears 
2.  I2S Gamma Gauges 
ZR22-50 20 HIGH Sendzimir Rolling Mill
AFC Entry Exit Rubber Roller  Wipers
Backing Assemblies
2nd Intermediate Roll Drive
2nd Intermediate Roll Idle
1st Intermediate 
Work Roll
ACG new in 2013 by Tenova
ABB DCS 800 Digital Drives
50 / 60 Hertz
SPR Digital Heater Controls
Siemens NFGA Motor Controls
Siemens NUGA Relays 
APC Digital Controller
Touch Screen Operator Stations
Metasol Digital Trip Relay
APC Computer Controller
Fire Prevention System
AMC Rolling Oil & Filtration System 
3 Filter Tanks
Refine Filter System
PAC Systems PLC RX31
Spare Backing Assemblies
Spare Work Rolls
Spare Intermediate Rolls.

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