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12 Stand x 4-1/2" x 32" Yoder W35 Rafted Raking Rollforming Line (New/Used)



Stock #



Number of Stands 12

Equipped With

12 Stand X 4-1/2" X 32" Yoder W35 Rafted Rollformer Line

Serial: Y7715

Model: W35

Year New: 1983

Number Of Stands: 12

Shaft Diameter: 4-1/2"

Roll Space: 26"

Vertical Center: 8" To 14"

Horizontal Center: 24"

Base To Bottom Shaft Centerline: 11"

Direction Of Travel: R To L

Rafted: Yes

U-Joint Drive: Yes

Entry Edge Guides: Yes

Turks Head: Yes

Ac Motor & Controls: Yes


20,000 Lb X 32" Motorized Uncoiler:


Capacity: 20,000 Lbs

Max Width: 32"

Coil Id: 16-20"

Coil Id (With Build Up Leaves): 24"

Coil Od: 60"

Hydraulic Expansion: Yes

Drag Brake: Yes


Yoder Straightener with Hold Down & Peeler:

Capacity: 24" X 1/4"

Roll Diameter: 4-1/2"

Roll Face: 32”

Number Of Straightening Rolls: 5

Hydraulic Hold Down: Yes

Over & Under Peeler: Yes


100 Ton Minster Model P2-100 Ssdc Press

Serial :16504

Model :P2-100

Area Of Bed: 48" X 31"

Area Of Ram: 43-1/2" X 18-1/2" X 5" T Slotted

Stroke: 4"

Stroke Per Minute: 80 To 160 Spm

Adjustment: 4"

Shut Height: 20"

Air Clutch: Yes

Air Brake: Yes

Air Counterbalance: Yes

Windows: 16"

Bolster: 5"

Inch, Single & Continuous: Yes

Dual Palm Buttons: Yes


150 Ton Yoder 4 Post Cutoff Press

Serial: Y8561-1596

Age: 1995

Capacity: 150 Tons

Stroke: 6"

Shut Height: 10-14"

Die Rails Length: 49"

Front Post Distance: L-R 37"

Side Post Distance: F-B 27"

Top Base to Floor: 71"

Chute Opening: 10" X 23"

Base Section: 67" X 71"

Lubrication: Yes

Air Clutch: Yes

Motor: 20 Hp


Model Cprf-S212 High Speed Servomaster High-Capacity Electronic Roll Feed (New)

Maximum Stock Width: 24"

Capacity In Mild Steel at Full Width*: 0.250"

Maximum Feed Length : 999.999"

Roll Position Accuracy: +/- 0.002”

Roll Diameters: (2) : 4.00"

Roll Widths: Upper: 26"       Lower: 27"

Pass line Height from Baseplate: 7.50"

Feed Dimensions: 32" W X 44" Dp X 28" H

Control Dimensions: 20" W X 13" Dp X 42" H

Voltage: 460/3/60 In A WYE Configuration

Control Platform: B&R

Mounting Bracket: Adjustable


Ams Mp350hc Length Controller (New)

Model Mp Series Controller

Model Nk-1 Noise Kit

Mp300 Open Loop Manual,V13

Model 3812x-10 Power Cable

4348-10 Auxiliary Cable

Model N256 Encoder

Encoder Cable 3148-10

Model Kmw-12 Knurled Wheel

Encoder Bracket Kit W/ Screws

Brkt-1 Encoder Bracket



Profile 1

12 Pr D2 Rolls

2 Sets, Center Adjust Idler Stands

Inboard & Outboard Spacers

Bronze Straightener

12” Pattern Prenotch Die

Slugless Cutoff Die


Profile 2

12 Pr D2, Combo Rolls (7 Widths)

2 Sets, Center Adjust Idler Stands

Inboard & Outboard Spacers

Bronze Straightener

12” Pattern Prenotch Die

Blade Cutoff Die-W/ 7 Sets of Inserts

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