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118" (3000mm) Carlo Banfi Shot Blasting and Painting Line (Plates and Profiles)

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Blast Machine:
Number of Throwing Wheels: 6
Throwing Wheel Motor Power: 22KW ea.
Throwing Wheel OD: 400mm
Throwing Wheel Revolutions: 2650rpm
Number of Throwing Wheels: 3
Throwing Wheel Motor Power: 18,5KW ea.
Throwing Wheel OD: 360mm
Abrasive Throughput per Wheel: 320 kg/min
Roller Conveyor Velocity Range: 0.5-4 m/min.
Workpiece to be Blasted: Structural Steel, Plates and Profiles
Blast Tunnel Clear Cross Section: 3200mm x 600mm
Plates Useful Throughput (WxH): 3000x50mm
Max. Allowed Load Imposed on Roll Conveyor: 2000x450mm
Max. Allowable Load Imposed on One Roller: 1200 Kg/Roller
Workpiece Min. Length: 2500mm
Blasting Output (Production Speed) for:
Plates: 2 m/min
Profiles and H Shaped Beam: 1 m/min
Features of the Compressed Air for Cartridge Blow-Off
Operating Pressure: 5-7 Bar
Consumption: 12 Nm3/h
Dew Temperature: Room Temperature
Oil Content: 5 p.p.m Max
Dust Emission on the Chimney Outlet: Lower then 5mg/Nm3

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