What is Coil Processing

What is coil processing?
Coil processing is the process of converting a steel coil into sheets of varying shapes and sizes or smaller coils for use across numerous industries for a multitude of products.

Coils can be processed in many ways but here we will discuss the two main techniques: cutting to length and cutting to width.

Cut To Length
A cut-to-length line or (CTL) has a long horizontal shear (blade) that is used to cut a master coil across its entire width to create a plate or sheet of steel of a specified length. These sheets usually require further processing from more specialized equipment. Cut to Length Lines can also incorporate a leveling process to flatten the sheet within the specified required tolerances for the end product.

Sheet being cut by a cut to length (CTL) line

A slitting line has multiple vertical blades for dividing the master coil into strips also known as mults of a precise width. The mults are wound into smaller coils for further processing into the finished product.

Steel coil being slit into narrow widths on a slitting line

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