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Vice President of Sales/Ventas

     Since joining Galaxie in 2006, Frank has transformed himself into a dynamic, highly-knowledgeable resource for domestic and international used machinery customers.

Francisco spent most of his life in a small town near Valencia, Spain. Returning to the United States in 1999 for a friend’s wedding, he decided to pursue higher education at Eastern Michigan and Wayne State universities. After joining Galaxie through a chance personal referral, Francisco faced the formidable task of learning the used machinery business from the ground up. Soon his engaging personality and growing expertise cultivated a large network of clients.

     "I don’t see myself in sales," Francisco says. "My job is to maximize value. For customers, the used machinery market is like a foreign land. I see myself as their tour guide."

     Francisco is fluent in many dialects of Spanish and has comprehension in Italian and Portugese. He is a key contributor to Galaxie’s expansion into markets in Latin America and southern Europe.