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Levelers & Flatteners

STEEL COIL LEVELERS fall into four categories:

Straightening or flattening is the most basic. This is the process of removing coil set or cross bow out of flat rolled material or a steel sheet. Generally, a flattener has five to nine offset rolls, with relatively large diameter rolls. Typically a flattener is in press feed application, or used in a simple cut-to-length line.

Leveling is the process of straightening through a number of offset rolls, usually from 13 to 23, with a smaller diameter. Typically these machines are backed up with rolls behind the work rolls to minimize deflection.

Corrective leveling is configured like a basic steel coil leveler. However the backups are fully adjustable to create bend in the rolls. A corrective leveler can reduce shape defects across the strip and remove all of the coil set. These levelers are 17 to 23 work rolls and have adjustable back ups. Some may have a 5HI or 6HI configuration for surface-critical material such as painted or stainless steel.

Tension leveling is the ultimate in corrective leveling. The material is run through a entry and exit set of bridle rolls – with the corrective leveler located between them. The strip is under great tension with a slight elongation above the yield point of the material and is simultaneously leveled. The material is shape corrected and relieved of most internal stresses. This process usually involves a dedicated line.

No matter how simple or complex your leveling needs, a Galaxie sales engineer is able to match the best machine to meet your coil-leveling goals. We carry Herr Voss, Paxson, Mesta, Bronx, and Stamco, to name a few.