Coil Banding Lines

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Coil Banding Lines

BANDING LINES, or coil packaging lines, are one in the same. Often we get customers overly focused on the speed of a slitting line. However, if you cannot handle the new slit coils efficiently, it’s of little value how fast you can slit the steel. To keep your slitting line productive, you must get the coils off the slitting line quickly and efficiently.

A coil banding line bands the newly slit steel coils for shipping. A banding line may be as simple as a two arm turnstile, a downlayer, a linier conveyor and conical roll table. In that application, the operator manually straps the steel coil and takes it away with a cantilever jib crane. Or, it may be a complex, fully automatic line with a four arm turnstile, an automatic banding station with a stacker, and an eight station carousel, a scale with UPC labeling and shrink wrapping all controlled by a PLC.

No matter how simple or complex your banding line needs may be, a Galaxie representative will be happy to help you sort through the choices.