3" (76mm) x 2mm Rafted Laser Stainless Steel Tube Mill Line

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Stainless Pipe Mills
Double End Uncoiler
Automatic Shear/End Welder


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Double End Uncoiler
Automatic Shear/End Welder
Vertical Cage Type Accumulator 
Julius 6 Head Strip Scarfing Unit
Entry 4 Roll Edge Guides
4 Forming Stands (Rafted)
62mm Shaft Diameter
Single Point Adjustments
26.3 KW Drive for both Forming and Fin stands
3 Fin Pass Stands (Rafted)
4 Roll Weld Box
Rofin Sinar Laser Welder
HF 880 (Year 2002)
Riedel Welder Chiller (2008)

2 Bossi Tube Polishers (2004)

4 Sizing Stands (Rafted)

(2) 26.3 KW Motors Driving the Sizing Stands

Double Sided Turks Heads

Eddy Current Tester

Flying Cold Saw Shear

Run Out Table (8 Meter Length)

Emmerson / Siemens Drives and PLC (18 Months Old)

Large Amount of Tooling