60" (1500mm) x 6mm x 40,000# AKV Loop Capstan Slitting Line with Packaging Line

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Slitting Lines 50"-> Wide Slitting Line
Strip Thickness: 0.5mm - 6mm
Line Speed: 0 - 140 m/min
  • Tooling Capstan
  • AKV Uncoiler
  • AKV slitting line
  • AKV recoiler
  • AKV recoiler
  • AKV slitting head
  • AKV packaging line


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Strip Thickness: 0.5mm - 6mm
Line Speed: 0 - 140 m/min
Line Direction: Left to Right
Entry Coil Car
Year: 2002
Mandrel Uncoiler
Rebuilt by TESI: 2009
Peeler Table/Coil Opener
Side Roller Strip Guide
Year: 2002
3 Roll Strip Straightener
Year: 2002
Operator’s Pulpit Control Panel
Crop Shear
Year: 2002
Slitting Head
Year: 2002
Shaft Diameter: 240mm
Drive Motor, 55 KW
Tooling Prep Station
2 Arm Turret
(2) Scrap Winders
Main Operator’s Pulpit Control Panel
Tension Stand
Year: 2008
Push-Off Plate
Drive Motor: 190 KW
20 Ton Exit Coil Car
Control Cabinets
2 Arm Turnstile
Packaging Line including the following:
Tilting Roller Table
Straight Roller Table
Rotating Roller Table
Traveling Overhead Magnetic Lift
Siemens Flat Screen Controls
Large Assortment of Tooling, Spacers & Knives
Currently Installed