20" (508mm) x 3mm x 5,000kg Georg Slitting Line

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Strip Width: max. 500 mm
Strip Thickness: 0.4 – 3 mm
Coil Weight: 5 Ton
Line Direction: Left to Right
4 Arm Turnstile
Floor Type Coil Car
Mandrel Uncoiler
Fife Strip Edge Control
Coil Opener / Pinch Roll Unit / Leveller                                                                            
Entry Pinch Rolls
3 Roll Flatener
Hydraulic Crop Shear with Scrap Box
Georg Slitting Head
Arbor Diameter: 160 mm
46 kW DC Drive
Scrap Winder
Pit Cross Over Table                                                                                                        
Tension Stand with Crop Shear                                                                                       
Exit Hydraulic Crop Shear
Drum Segments: 305/406/508 mm
50KW DC Drive
Floor Type Coil Car
4 Arm Turnstile
Complete Line with Hydraulics, Electrics, Controls