16" (350mm) x .157" (4mm) x 10,000# AKV Loop Slitting Line with spare arbors

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Machine No. 1748
Material: Cold Rolled Steel, max 450 N/mm2
Coil Weight Max: 5 Ton
Coil OD Max: 1300mm
Coil ID Range: 500mm to 620mm
Strip Thickness: 0.5mm to 4mm
Strip Width: 80mm to 320mm
Line Direction: Left to Right
Coil Car
Mandrel Uncoiler
Loop Control Stand
Slitting Head with 100mm Dia Arbors
Spare set of Arbors and Bearings
Scrap Winder
Pit Cascade Rolls
Pit Cross OverTable
Exit Strip Separator Guide Stand
Tension Stand
Recoiler with 55 KW DC Drive
Exit Coil Car
3 Arm Turnstile
Exit Conveyor
Control Tecnniques Mentor 11 Digital Drive
Mitsubishi PLC
Tooling and Spare Parts