60" GFG Roll Coater

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 Type:  S-Wrap Prime Coater 


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 Type:  S-Wrap Prime Coater 

Two Sided Coater

Speed:  75 - 300 FPM

Passline:  76"

Strip Thickness:  0.006" - 0.060"

Maximum Width:  60"

Roll Face:  69"

Maximum Applicator Roll Diameter:  10"

Pickup Roll Diameter:  10"

Backup Drum:  30" Chrome Plate 

Turn Drum:  30" Neoprene Cover 

Lift Roll 10" Chrome Plate 

HPU Maximum 2500 PSI Parker Solenoids 

Load Cells with Digitial Displays for Top and Bottom Side Pickup 

 Rolls and Applicator Roll top side only bottom side fixed position.

Coating Application 2 Roll Forward or Reverse.  Will accept GFG Third

 Roll addition.