Cincinnati 350 Ton Autoform 3-Axis CNC Hydraulic Press Brake

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Fabricating Equipment Brakes
Model: 350 AF x 10'
Year: 1997


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Model: 350 AF x 10'
Year: 1997
Tonnage Capacity:  350 Tons
Overall Length of Bed and Ram: 12' 
Distance Between Housings:  10'6"
Throat Depth:  10"
Bending Capacity:3/4" x 8'6"  
Stroke Length:  10'
Open Height:  18"
Closed Height: 8"
Motor: 25HP
Approximate Machine Weight:53,800LBS
Equipped with:
Cincinnati Windows Based 3-Axis CNC Control (Updated 2008)
Heavy Duty 2-Axis Back Gauge
Optional 40" Travel In X-Axis
Auto Crowning Option
Palm Buttons
(2) Front Support Arms
Electric Foot Switch
12' Lower Die Holder