23" x 0.013" x 7,000lbs Georg Loop CTL for Transformer Core Cutting (Upgraded 2006)

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Cut-to-Length Lines 0-26" Wide Slitting Line
Currently used for (Grane Oriented) Electrical Silicon Steel


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Currently used for (Grane Oriented) Electrical Silicon Steel
Working speed : 240m/min.
Featuring the Following (5)Shearing/Punching Capabilities: 45º-, 45º+, 90º, V Notch and Hole Punch (137" Depth)
Thickness Range: .007" to 0.013"

Complete Line with the Following Components:

Double Mandrel Uncoiler
Max Coil Weight: 7,000lbs
AC Servo Feeder
Feeder Roll Diameter: 5"
Feeding Speed: 240m/min
- V-Notch Punching and Cross Moving Punching Unit
Hydraulicaly Operated
Hole Punch Die Unit
Shearing Unit
Diverting and Stacking System
2 Layer Diverting Mechanism
Lamination Sheet Lenght (Tip to Tip): 118"
Conveyor Belt Speed 250m/min
Stacking Heigth: 25.5" 
Stacking WEight: 24,200lbs
Siemens Drives and PLC (upgraded in 2006)
Complete with Controls, Electrics, Hydraulics and Drawings