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800 Ton Roveta Mechanical Transfer Press with Coil Feed Line


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Tonnage 800 tons
Stroke 600 millimeters
Shut Height 1200 millimeters
SPM 30
Bed W 3800 millimeters
Bed L 1800 millimeters

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Manufacturer: Rovetta
Year: 1997
Capacity: 800 Ton
Bed Area: 3800mm x 1800mm
Slide Area: 3800mm x 1800mm
Stroke: 600mm
Shut Height (Min): 800mm
Shut Height (Max): 1200mm
Speed: 10-30spm
Adjustment: 400mm
Features: Coil Fedd. Hydraulic Clamping on Slide, Manual Clamping on Bolster
Feed Stroke: 0 to 1000mm
Clamping Stroke: 0 to 250mm
Lifting Stroke: 1-150mm
Distance Between Close Bars: 500mm
Distance Between Open Bars: 2000mm
Distance Between Bolster to Transfer Rails: 560mm
Max Weight of Parts, Sub Rails, Fingers: 175kg
Height of Exit Conveyor Above Bolster: 500mm
Coil Feed Line:
Max Coil Width: 1500mm
Min Coil Width: 200mm
Max Coil OD: 1800mm
Coil Thickness: 0.6mm to 3.2mm
Max Coil Weight: 10 Tones
Material Feed Height Over Bolster: 760/850mm

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