Complete Schuler / Clearing Automated Tandem Line

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Year: 2006



1100 + 800 Ton Clearing Double Action Mechanical Press
Pressure: 1100 + 800 Tons
Daylight: 1200mm
Stroke: 787mm Interior / 660mm Exterior
Upper Bed Area: 2370 x 1350mm Interior / 1310-1617mm Exterior
Lower Bed Area: 3340 x 2130mm
Ram Adjustment: 282mm Interior / 307mm Exterior
Height Closed Die: 1460mm-1742mm Interior / 1310-1617mm Exterior
Bed Height: 450mm
6 to 12 Strokes per Minute
Front Extraction Design
Motor: 160KW

ABB Transfer Robots

(5)x 500 Ton Schuler Single Action Mechanical Press
Bed Area: 2750mm x 1900mm
Bed Height: 250mm
Shut Height: 895-1200mm
Stroke: 850mm
12 to 24 Strokes per Minute
Motor: 100KW
Machines are in good working condition and can be inspected under power.