400 Ton Verson Press

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Year: 1986
Model: S4-4000-3600-2400
Serial: 29600-87-1
Cycles per Minute: 15 - 45
Capacity: 400 Tons
No. of Connecting Rods: 4
Stroke: 200mm
Adjustment: 300mm
Shut Height: 625mm - 925mm
Bolster (L-R x F-B): 144" x 96"
Ram Base (L-R x F-B): 144" x 96"
Electric Motors: 415 Volt 3 Phase 50 Hz
Main Drive: 47 kW @ 1650 RPM
Slide Adjustment: 7.5 kW
Coil Processing Facility
Process Capability Blanks per Minute (Varies with Length of Blank): 15 - 45
Coil Size Diameter: 1800mm
Coil Size Width: 250mm - 1525mm
Material Thickness: 2.5mm
Maximum Feed Length: 2700mm
Line Speed: 0 - 30 Meters per Minute
Verson Uncoiler & Loading Car
Expanding Mandrel
15 Tons
Verson Feeder
Threading Table into Pinch Rolls & Straightener
Bison Leveller
Model: ST 049
Serial: 520-93
1550mm Wide x 2mm Thick - 775mm Wide x 2.5mm Thick
Table Ramp & Loop
Pit: 5500mm Deep x 4500mm Long x 2100mm Wide
Verson Feed Rolls
2 Pinch Rolls to feed Accurately into Press
Conveyor and Scott Stacker
Year: 1994
Magnetic Conveyor Bands Transfer Blank to Scott Stacker
Programmable Multi-Stacking Unit
Magnetic Conveyor Transfers Blanks from Press to Stacker
LH & RH Magnetic Conveyor Transfer Blanks to Drop off Location
Blank Stacks are generated onto Pallets
LH Station & RH Station Pallets are transferred to Unload Area