2400 Ton Fagor Hydraulic Try-Out Press

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Year of Installation: 2007


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Year of Installation: 2007
Model # EBD-240-4.8-AP
Cycles per Minute: 4 - 5
Capacity: 2400 Tons
Main Hydraulic Cylinders: 4 Point
Stroke: 1700mm
Adjustment: 1700mm
Shut Height: 770mm - 240mm
Bolster (L-R x F-B): 4800mm x 2400mm
Ram Base (L-R x F-B): 4800mm x 2400mm
Cushion Capacity - Hydraulic: 500
Effective Cushion Stroke: 400mm
Cushion Platen (L-R x F-B): 4290mm x 1970mm
Electric Motor: 415 Volt 3 Phase 50 Hz
Main Drive: 670 kW