2000 Ton Lake Eric Hydraulic Closed Die Forging Press

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Major SpecificationsMetricStandard
Rated Forge Tonnage1800.0 t 2,000.0 t
Daylight1168.0 mm46.0"
Stroke452.2 mm18.0"
Minimum Shut Height711.2 mm/ min28.0"
Approachable Speed22352.0 mm/min800 IPM
Pressing Speed @ 2,000 tons914.4 mm/min36 IMP
Ram Return Speed11176.0 mm/min440 IPM
Bed Size:  
Left to Right1524.0 mm60.0"
Front to Back1524.0 mm60.0"
Between the Housings Right to Left1727.2 mm68.0"
Main Ram Diameter762.0 mm30.0"
Top Ejector54.4 t60 t
Ejector Cushion226.7 t250 t
Working Height (Floor to Top of Bolster)660.4 mm26.0"
Approximate Overall Height above Floor6,299.2 mm248.0"
Approximate Net Weight74842.7 kgs165,000 Lbs.

Equipped with:

Allen Bradley Micrologix 1400 Series B PLC Control System

Two New Vickers Integrated Motor Pump Units Rated at 298 Gallons per Minute

Two New 120hp Pump Drive Motors

Locking Manifold with Two DO8 Proptional Valves

Installed Ejector Cylinders (2) with 5” Dia. Bore and 3” Stroke