80" x .472" x 30 Ton (2000mm x 12mm x 30 Ton) Combi Slitting / CTL Line

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Multi Blanking Lines
Thickness Range: 3mm - 12mm
Capacity: 30 Tons


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Thickness Range: 3mm - 12mm
Capacity: 30 Tons
Max. Width: 2,100mm
Coil ID: 650mm
Coil OD: 1,800mm
Working Speed: 30 Meters per Minute
Working Direction: Left to Right
Complete Line with the Following Components
Coil Storage Ramp
Coil Car
Double Cone Uncoiler
Peeler Table
Hold Down Roll
Pinch Roll & Pre-Straightening Unit
Entry Set Pinch Rolls
Slitting Head: 70 kW DC Motor, 2,100mm Arbor Face, 250mm Diameter Arbor
Burr Crusher
Scrap Baler: 76.2 kW DC Motor
Unloading Cradle
Flattener: 6mm - 15mm Thickness, Back Up Rolls, 11 Work Rolls w/ 110mm Diameter, 125 kW DC Motor
Leveler: Thickness Range: 1.5mm - 6mm, 15 70mm Diameter Work Rolls 99 kW
End Pinch Rolls: 35 kW DC Motor
Flying Shear: 25 kW DC Motor
Exit Conveyor
Stacker: 300mm Max. Pack Height, 20 Tons Max. Weight
Chain Conveyor for Stack
Complete with Hydraulics, Electrics & Controls