Complete Tube Manufacturing Plant Equipment For Sale (Oto Mills, MAIR Research Packaging Lines, Fagor Slitter)

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For Sale All Equipment at a Modern Tube Manufacturing Plant
Scope of Supply Includes:
- 2.3" (60.3mm) x 3mm OTO Mills Tube Mill Line with MAIR Packaging Line
Installation: 1991
Update: 2007
Tube Diameter Range: 16mm to 60.3mm
Thickness Range: 0.8mm to 3mm
Tube Length: 4 to 8meter
Mill Speed: 130 meter/minute
Direction: Left to Right
- 5" (127mm) x 4mm Neirotti Tube Mill with Thermatool Welder OTO Cut Off and MAIR Packaging Line 
Manufacturer: Neirotti Italy / Thermatool USA / OTO Mills/ MAIR Research
Tube Diameter Range: 42mm to 127mm
Wall Thickness Range: 1.2mm to 4mm
Line Direction: Right to Left
Speed: 100mpm
- 80mm Adige Re Cut Machine (2003)
Year: 2003, Model RT710
Round Min. Diameter: 12mm
Round Max. Diameter: 80mm
Square Range: 10mm x 10mm / 70mm x 70mm
Rectangular: 15mm x 10mm / 80mm x 70mm
- 60" (1550mm) x 6mm x 33 Ton Fagor Loop 2 Head Injector Design Slitting Line.
Year: 1991
Material: Hot and Cold Rolled Steel
Strip width: 500 to 1550mm
Thickness Range: 0.9 to 6mm
Line Speed: 75 to 150m/min
Total AC Power Installed: 65HP
Total DC Power Installed: 460HP
- Complete MAIR Bundle Transfer Conveyor System for All Mills
- Complete Spare Parts and Shop Room
- Complete Assortment of Tooling, Spare Parts, Drawings, and Manuals etc.
All Equipment Installed and Ready for Inspection