Complete Rebar Mill for Sale

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About this plant


Production Capability of 1,150,000 Tons of Billets per year.
Rebar Production Capacity of 950,000 Tons per year.
Featuring the following equipment:
-     Electric Arc Furnace with Continuous Cast of Six (6) Lines & Billet Cutting via Oxicut Technologies
-     Two (2) Rolling Mills for Rebar
       -     8mm - 10mm Diameter
       -     12mm - 32mm Diameter
-     Corrugated Bar for diamters from 8mm - 40mm
-     Rebar Roll for diameters from 8mm - 16mm
Complete Facility Including:
- Shipping Warehouse
- Transformer Substation
- Water Treatment Plant
- Compressed Air and Gas Installations
- Smoke Treatment
- Quality Control Laboratory
- Services and Transportation
- Administrative Installations, Including Offices and General Plant Buildings